Hi there, my name is

Abolfazl zohoorian

Inventor and Entrepreneur


Senior Tax Expert of Tax Treaties and International Affairs Office at Iranian National Tax Administration

A versatile, self-motivated, confident and fully qualified accountant who has many years’ experience in the fields of financial accounting, tax audit, transfer pricing, study and research on tax accounting and a variety of financial matters, skilled in design and development of systems, programming and website design and administration that has a patent in electricity generation, author of a book in psychology, several papers in accounting and taxation and perfect experience in strategic management. Possess a master’s degree in accounting with thesis in applying Artificial Neural Networks and Chaos Theory to risk assessment of tax-returns. Abolfazl is ambitious by nature and keen to get to the top of his profession. Now, he is a student of electrical engineering. He has the ability and willingness to take on financial leadership and is certain to be a key member of any financial team that he joins.

One of his greatest strengths is his ability to prioritize workloads to meet challenging deadlines. On a personal level, he has the ability to build relationships in a multi-cultural environment and across various offices.


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Electrical Engineering
Research and Development (R&D)

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