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Calculating Effective Tax Rate for Tehran Stock Exchange Listed Companies”,

Abolfazl Zohoorian,

The Proceedings of the First Conference on Iranian Tax and Fiscal Policies,

Iranian National Tax Administration,


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Risk-Based Tax Audit Selection

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Risk-Based Tax Audit Selection”,

Abolfazl Zohoorian,

Presented and published in the Proceedings of the 4th Iranian Tax and Fiscal Policies Conference, Tehran.

Also, paper Tax Research an Iranian Quarterly (Scientific – Research),

New Series, Vol. 18, No. 8 (Serial No. 56),

Tehran, Iran,


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Relation between Modern Taxes and Religious Taxes

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Relation between Modern Taxes and Religious Taxes”,

Abolfazl Zohoorian, Reza Rasouli Shemirani & Fereshteh Haj Mohammadi,

Collected Papers of the 3rd Conference on Islamic Taxes: The Convergence of the New, Existing Conventional and the Islamic Taxes,

Mofid University,

Qom, Iran,


Declaration Tax Audit Using Chaos Theory (Neural Networks)”,

Abolfazl Zohoorian, Roya Darabi PhD & Shokufeh Etebar,

Archive Des Sciences, Vol. 65, No. 7,



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Personality Evaluation System

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  • Personality Evaluation System”, Abolfazl Zohoorian, Author, Mashhad, Iran, 2006.