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As a Tax Expert

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Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA), Iran, Tehran, Tehran

February 2007 - Present                  

Position: Tax Expert


  • Financial accounting
  • Study and research on adapting accounting standards with tax laws regulations
  • Study and research on how to assess tax compliance levels on the basis of financial accounting indicators
  • Study accounting methods to write regulations for avoiding tax evasions and tax avoidance
  • Analyze financial statements, stock exchange reports and financial indices for a number of industries and services to forecast their profit and net earnings ratios
  • Develop a software for the inclusion of tax treaties (specially Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements- DTAs) in financial statements and tax returns

Tax Audit

  • Participate in writing Request for Proposal (RFP) of Risk-based Audit Selection (RAS) sub-project that defined by Tax Automation and Revenue Administration (TARA) Project for Iran (Deloitte)
  • Research and study on cost-effectiveness of tax treaties (DTAs) included by Iran
  • Participate in publishing the Iranian Tax Research Quarterly
  • Participate in providing information and statistics for the Tax Indices Periodical Reports
  • Participate in organizing and re-classification of occupations in the book of Coefficients of Determination of Taxable Income based on the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)


  • Designing and Administration of Tax Research Department portal (taxresearch.ir)
  • Designing and Administration of English section of INTA website (en.intamedia.ir)

System Design

  • Design and Setup of Management Information System Database for tax head offices to evaluate performance and forecast indicators

Participate in writing Reports and Working Papers

  • An Applied Report on France's Economy and Tax, 2015
  • An Applied Report on Afghanistan's Economy and Tax, 2014
  • Action plan of INTA, 2012
  • Analytical reports of Tax Revenues of tax head offices, 2012
  • Research System of INTA, 2011
  • Strategic Plan of INTA, 2010
  • Financial analysis to calculate the coefficient for the determination of taxable income in the glass industry, 2009

Other Activities

  • Cooperation on holding 5 Annual Conferences entitled Iranian Tax and Fiscal Policies, 2007-11
  • Cooperation on holding 6 Annual Research Festivals entitled Tax and Public Finance Top Researches, 2006-11
  • Cooperation on holding 3 annual conferences entitled Islamic Taxes, 2008 –11
  • Cooperation on holding meetings and affairs related to the Research Council of INTA, 2006 – 11
  • Cooperation on holding international meetings, seminars and workshops of INTA, 2012 up to now
  • Referee of papers received for Iranian Tax and Fiscal Policies annual conference, 2006 up to now
  • Referee of theses received for annual Tax and Public Finance Top Researches festival, 2007 up to now
  • Referee of papers received for annual Islamic Taxes conferences, 2008 – 11
  • Referee of theses received for the purpose of granting research sponsorships, 2007 up to now
  • Provision of advisory services to clients willing to research on accounting & taxation, 2006 up to now
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